Penney Peirce’s Summer Solstice Oracle Letter 2022

Penney Peirce
6 min readJun 23, 2022

The Transformation Movement & Its Symptoms

Everything in my being tells me that the earth’s vibration, and all life on it, is accelerating; the frequency is rising, processes are moving faster, and we’re evolving at an increased rate. At this point, though, it may seem like we’re devolving. It’s easy to look at each small symptom of the acceleration and panic. It’s difficult to see the big picture because so many of the more minor events are gathering, surfacing, and affecting us physically, emotionally, and mentally. Let’s look at the overall process and drill down into the symptoms to find some meaning.

1. The acceleration causes energy and consciousness to move faster. With energy it can look like heat and speed. Our bodies overheat, we get rashes, fevers, and higher frequency illnesses like cancer and bacterial/viral infections. Our hearts pound. Emotionally, it looks like frustration, anger, feeling pressured, and acting erratically. Mentally, it looks like manic overstimulation, ADHD, conspiracy theories, and obsessive worry. When heat and speed affect the planet, it looks like drought, fires, global warming, and species extinction. Societally it looks like school shootings, inflation, and violence against minorities.

On the positive side, heat and speed can represent the warming and opening of closed and cold-hearted attitudes. Along with that, the emotions become more compassionate and kindness, generosity, gratitude, trust, and joy increase. And, we’re ultrasensitive to more subtle forms of energy and information; we’re becoming empathic. The mind opens to new possibilities, surprise, and the desire for spiritual growth. Physically it can indicate increased energy flow and movement, which promotes health.

2. The acceleration affects the subconscious mind as well as the conscious mind. Everything that used to be able to be suppressed can no longer remain locked away in its dungeon. That means all forms of fear and old fear-based memories are flooding into the conscious mind (and present moment reality) — of individuals, groups, and nations. We are so sensitive now that we feel other people’s fears as well as our own, and the effect is magnified. The good thing is that we can see our fears now and hopefully heal them.

Fear-based consciousness is always polarized because it’s the result of believing in separation. Us-them, good-bad, smart-stupid, rich-poor, male-female, straight-gay — and on and on. Thus we see the rise of division, opposition, and extremism. People react to imagined, subliminal, and overt threats with fight or flight methods. We see an increase of attacks of every kind, stalemates affecting important progress, and various forms of fortification, like an emphasis on becoming wealthy and powerful. On the other hand we see people leaving their homes and countries, looking for a better place to live. We see them leaving their mind and body — by becoming mentally ill, contracting Alzheimers, developing a variety of addictions or dramatic distractions, or actually dying. Some people take refuge in strong belief systems or habits and become nearly calcified.

Part of this is the polarization into dominator and victim identities — both extremes looking for a semblance of control. We see narcissistic people driven by ego with a need to validate their superiority, vying for leadership so they can have things their way. And we see those who take subservient positions or who are directly antagonized by dominators. Both positions are fear-based and both contain the opposite behavior. Dominators often try to maintain control by playing the victim and victims try to control life by being passive-aggressive. Both can be violent when pushed too far.

3. The acceleration causes some people to want to clear the fear and become more spiritual or soul-based. Many turn to psychology, healing and healthy living practices, global spiritual traditions, non-dogmatic religions, and working to help the planet. They seek to become clear, unbiased, balanced human beings and are forming innovative groups and projects, as well as offering their services to others who are still caught in confusion. They contribute their knowledge and experience by writing books, making films, broadcasting talks and podcasts, and teaching workshops and seminars. The clarity, lack of ego, and growing compassion of these people attract others who sense their transparency and genuineness, and want to experience it too.

This might be called the Soul Movement or the Transformation Movement — if it must be named. My experience of this path is that it returns us to simplicity and simultaneously allows us to be successful at creating whatever is most deeply meaningful to us as souls who are interconnected with all other souls and forms of life. We see the nonphysical realm as inside the physical, knowing the two worlds are integrated and mutually sourcing. We identify as the soul, not just the mind or personality. We stop validating fear.

4. The acceleration will not stop. It touches every part of us as human beings, helping us transform into a new kind of enlightened humanity. As the frequency increases, everything that used to be seen as separate is seen as integrated and containing commonality. Separation morphs into an understanding of unity, fear softens into acceptance and then to full-on compassion. Polarization shifts to complementarity. Ego releases its grip on having to be in control and the left brain and logic assume the role of assistant and implementer to the right brain, intuition, and soul.

Many people who are too rooted in unchanging beliefs, addictions and habits, polarization, resistance, survival, and the need to be right will begin to experience difficulty. They may succumb to illnesses, challenges in making money, traumatic losses of various kinds, repercussions for violent behavior, or even suicide. Deep within, unconsciously, they may feel that evolving is too much for them at this time, that they just can’t handle the speed of change. Many may choose to leave the physical world through involvement in war, pandemics, environmental catastrophes, or accidents. It has nothing to do with whether they’re good people — it’s much more about not having enough understanding of how the process of spiritual growth and transformation works — and feeling blocked about making clear choices. At any point, though, we can open ourselves and grow, and I know that the soul can break through even the most dense unconsciousness to provide opportunities for new perspectives.

I outline all this because in my core I know the difficulties we face today are just part of our collective human clearing process. The Covid pandemic forced us to care about ourselves and others, spend time with ourselves, be quieter and more internal, and discover our dreams and blockages. For many, it offered access to knowledge we may not have had the time or interest to pursue previously when we were so, so busy. People retiring early and choosing better work and life habits, supply chain problems, inflation, oil and gas shortages, stock market losses, polarized politics and the resulting violence, fake news vs. actual facts, the allure of intangible cryptocurrency — oh my goodness! All these things can be seen as ways to break unhealthy habits and dependencies, be centered and grounded, stimulate our creativity, find solutions that are good for each other and the earth, learn to do with just enough rather than constantly crave more, and question the dominator-victim behaviors we have assumed were normal.

Who are we? Who can we be? We’re learning not to panic but to trust the process of evolution. The stock market goes up and down, leaders rise and fall from grace, wars come and go, we move through periods of difficulty and ease, and we live and die, and live and die — again and again. We are eternal beings. We can believe we must “take” to survive or that we can give generously to live well. We always have a choice: fear and negative thinking or growth, creativity, and optimism. We can choose to believe the best about each other.

The good choices you make for yourself in each situation benefit you — and the rest of us. The choices you make do matter. It’s not enough to passively think others will do the courageous, ethical, moral work. You can choose higher universal truth. Fear-based consciousness is too low-frequency to be able to continue to exist on this evolving planet. Watch for the universal laws to break through the fog and begin to shift our perceptual mistakes. It will happen — and you are part of helping it happen!



Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce is a respected clairvoyant empath, counselor, lecturer/trainer & author of 10 books. Her main topics are intuition, perception & transformation.