Penney Peirce’s 2023 Oracle Letter

Penney Peirce
9 min readJan 22, 2023

As I sense the coming year and its experiences and lessons, I feel it as already having happened, fulfilling its part in the earth’s, and our, transformation process. Reviewing what I wrote last year, I see that so much of it carries over. You can read it at (

A theme I saw reiterated by many clients and colleagues last year was that many of us felt ready to move forward and expand into a new level of expression, or a new scope of our life, yet conditions didn’t seem quite ready. I experienced much distraction from work requiring my sharp left brain, preferring quieter physical tasks and activity. It turned out to be a prolonged time in “liminal space” — on the threshold. And in that limboland many deep patterns surfaced that had been interfering with my next level of open-heartedness and clear-mindedness. I discovered new ways to clear these patterns, often with the help of friends who were discovering these new ways too. This process was echoed by others — and quite a few experienced highly dramatic events, like deaths, illness, losses, or periods of panic. It seems we were clearing our personal field, making space for the materialization of that new scope of life.

As the months sped along, by autumn the energy shifted, we were lifted into a new frequency, and a flow of opportunities — or at least crystal-clear choices — began to drop into place. And all without willpower. It just seemed to be a function of internal readiness.

Seven and the Rabbit!

Numerologists tell us 2023 is a 7 universal year. And that means an alignment with Truth, the correction of lies, and the desire to look for the deep purpose behind events. There may be an increased pursuit for many of spirituality, study, analyzing one’s life and work, and finding a path that is non-sacrificial. It may also indicate the rise of more technological developments in finance, robotics, and applications for AI. At the same time, the 7 year could bring attention to Internet-related activity to realign it with greater ethics, accuracy, and universal principles. And, since 7 requires privacy to attain clarity, we may see more need to pull away from crowds, to be independent and authentic, or to leave the corporate world to become self-employed. Keeping with the truth and honesty theme, it’s also likely that people will begin to see through the ineffectiveness of old systems, old beliefs, and old habits — both personally and societally — and call for greater transparency, reduction of ego, and distortion.

This is also the year of the Water Rabbit in Chinese astrology, which could bring welcome sweetness, intuition, sensitivity, and fluidity to our consciousness. It might be easier to shift into contemplation and quietness to balance ourselves, but the Rabbit also brings cleverness, quick reaction time, heightened ability to steadfastly pursue a goal, prosperity, and above all, LUCK!

More Intensity & Speed

The energy of 2023 is intense and it will bring all the expansion we can handle along with possible overwhelm. For those who have been on a spiritual path, what comes will be genuine, just-right opportunities and more recognition (by ourselves and others) of our talent. We will be more generous and humanitarian, innovating new systems, teaching and communication methods, and solutions to world problems. We will play with the idea of identity, seeing it as a tool — all while releasing past identity so we can be whatever is called forth in each moment. Some will feel jacked up by adrenaline, impulsiveness, and ambition. Others will transmute ambition into enthusiasm.

For those who have identified with fear beliefs and us-vs-them polarized thinking, with a tendency to take on dominator and victim roles, there will likely be a retrenching and refortification of those belief and behavior patterns. That means a more urgent need to be surrounded by like-minded, like-appearing people, and to demean or attack those who are different; “others” will seem increasingly threatening.

There is much fear floating around the planet, and a common deflection from fear is anger and violence. At a personal level that may mean a rise in domestic violence, mass shootings, and suicide. Societally and politically it may result in more extremism, with far right, fundamentalist, conspiracy theorists and autocratic narcissists gaining control and feeling powerful temporarily. We may see more assassinations and restrictive, destructive laws passed. Of course, the other tactic for dealing with fear is control, and there is no better expert at using it than the ego.

Ego Death & Balancing Our Brain Hemispheres

I sense that 2023 is part of a grand ego-death process on earth — that we are beginning to experience real transformation, and that requires the equal, balanced use of both the left and right brain hemispheres. Ego, in my understanding, is the overuse and over-identification with left-brain functioning and consciousness. It experiences separation and thinks it must do things alone. Isolation is a given but it is resisted forcefully, leading to the absolute need to control the “outside world” and others.

Ego-death is really the shifting of emphasis between the brain hemispheres, or even between the head and heart. The left brain must give up being the Boss, and see itself as the implementer and meaning-giver. The right brain will come to be seen as the doorway and translator of divine, universal wisdom and visionary genius — the master teacher within. As this happens, the two hemispheres equalize and begin to work in harmony. But of course, the ego doesn’t want to give up its specialness and power, so it fights.

The left brain-ego consciousness will pull out all its tricks. It will gaslight others, cleverly convincing them to doubt themselves, it will distract and distance others, threaten and punish them, charm them, instill distrust in them, shift from dominator to victim and back to dominator, and confuse them by saying the truth is actually a lie and a lie is the truth. If nothing works, ego will reject others or try to annihilate them (“cancel culture”), since disagreement cannot be tolerated.

We will see more of these narcissistic behaviors coming from ego-based people and many of us will learn to recognize it for what it is and not put up with it. Instead of dominators seeming so powerful, oddly attractive, and threatening, narcissism will seem infantile and stupid, and when the subjects don’t behave as the bully dictates, and seem bored and uninterested, the pattern will slowly fade from prominence and bullies will seem ridiculous. As this begins to occur, we may see failed narcissists commit suicide or die of a sudden illness or accident.

In milder expressions, there will certainly be a drive to define one’s individuality by being “branded” by people who are “identity-experts.” Many people are working to develop presence and confidence, and are looking for a way to stand out and gain recognition, especially as they decide to work for themselves and start their own businesses. In this case, the focusing work is a step closer to clarity.

Spirituality vs. Religion

We are going to experience many more people opening to the richness of what the right brain offers. Intuition will become much more popular and widespread, as will the desire to understand and walk a “spiritual” path rather than just a religious one. We will understand how universal principles inhere in the fabric of our being and how external rules and dogma are unnecessary. We will understand that each of us has an inner divine voice that makes priests and religious “go-betweens” less mandatory. We can know directly, in any moment, what is just right and high-frequency for us.

And speaking of frequency, the understanding of energy and consciousness dynamics will spread like wildfire, becoming common-sense to people around the world. It will begin to change our thinking, behavior, and reality. We will see the “soul” in whatever we look at, including objects and ourselves in the mirror. Related to that, the continuing Acceleration will up our sensitivity levels, making more people aware of subtle “energy information.” At first, they may feel overwhelmed and stressed from sensing the fear and anger in the field — reinforced by the media — and this will result in more teachers and healers developing programs and services to train people in the skillful use of empathy and telepathy.

Adapting to the Waves — Or Not

Stress levels increase even as many people heal and become more enlightened. The Acceleration doesn’t stop and we must learn to continually check ourselves to see whether we’re reacting to an emotional issue that wants to be cleared or whether it’s just a higher frequency energy wave wanting to pass through us and raise our body’s vibration to a more refined state. We are learning to work with the waves rather than resist them.

There are many people, however, who live by deeply rooted, fixed beliefs or standards, who don’t understand what’s happening energetically and interpret it as a threat from something in the physical reality — like the opposing political party, or the loss of jobs due to AI, or potential warlike invasions from hostile countries. They are living with much suppressed, and active, fear or depression. For quite some time I have seen that a large percentage of the earth’s population will eventually choose to leave the planet. Whether it’s because of this energetic “stuckness” caused by old habits, or feelings of helplessness, or just by a kind of innocent ignorance, I don’t know. All I know is there is no blame. And though it may seem paradoxical, I have been “told” by my inner guidance that in actuality, for the souls, the passings are acts of kindness and much healing will take place immediately in the nonphysical realms.

This seems to have begun with the Covid pandemic and various related viral epidemics, as well as the opioid/fentanyl epidemic. There may seem to be a proliferation of smaller mass death events — perhaps weather and environmentally related; failure of mass transportation vehicles; war casualties or genocide; a rise of suicide; and even things like starvation.

History & Other Lifeforms

As our sensitivity heightens and we value transparency more and more, I sense we will “see through” the superficial explanations given to us by academic professionals who are resistant to change and unusual theories that don’t fit their assumptions. This would be especially true concerning the ancient history of our planet and the other extraterrestrial or intergalactic races that have visited and lived here, perhaps using the planet as an incubator for various experiments. I don’t mean to sound too “woo-woo” or out there, but I am becoming more conscious of the many kinds of beings that may actually still share this planet with us, while keeping out of sight and not directly interfering with our evolution. This year, more of the hidden information about these other conscious beings may come to light.

What You Can Do

As usual: stabilize yourself within your own home frequency and allow others to be who they are. Let people change at their own rate. And yet, if you feel impelled to share ideas or assistance, go ahead and offer. Stay present and out of too many definitions, but ask for what you need even if you don’t exactly know what it is. The word for the year is GENEROSITY. It will help us get through everything challenging.

With Love and a Continued Positive Perspective,

Penney Peirce



Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce is a respected clairvoyant empath, counselor, lecturer/trainer & author of 10 books. Her main topics are intuition, perception & transformation.