Penney Peirce’s 2022 Oracle Letter

Penney Peirce
13 min readJan 14, 2022

I find it difficult recently to separate time into chunks. This year and the past two seem to me as one. There is a different quality to time now — have you noticed? A year seems like a month, a month like a day, a day like an hour. A friend said she started something in March, but then said, “Oh, it was March 2020!” And I keep joking that, “It’s Friday again!” Except now: “It’s January again!”

Two hours can feel like twenty minutes, or vice versa. And how do we really know how much time has “passed”? Does it even “pass”? All moments seem to encompass more space and information and it’s more difficult to project to past or future. Each day, month, and year seems part of one continuous, profound and illuminating process designed to bring humanity into the remembrance and “real-ization” of how the spiritual realm actually functions.

This present-focused, “Big Moment” consciousness helps us know that spirit is indeed inside us and inside matter and it’s now asserting itself, calling us into reunion. The continuity of years is somehow collapsing into a pool of knowing — the flow is not going anywhere; it’s attracting us back into the center of an amazing revelation, making the compassion and pervasive wisdom of Evolution clearer and clearer. I feel we are in a time composed of a number of years focused intensely on one purpose — the transformation of consciousness and reality. We’re going to have an increasing number of examples of our universal similarities and the oneness of life.

Pandemic as Teacher

2020 and 2021 blurred into one another creating one long experience of becoming conscious of how we attend to, and tend to, ourselves and how care-full and considerate we are with others. The pandemic reminds us we are free to breathe — IF we practice conscious breathing, and therefore conscious living. Breath, after all, is the first thing and the last thing, and it makes life in between possible. These years point out how precious the gift of breath is, how we share the air with other people, creatures, and plants. When air brings life through the gift of breath, why would anyone defile it?

Taking preventive measures to not contract the clever mutating virus is an act of kindness, even heroism, the same sort of generous caring that soldiers display when going to war to protect loved ones and country. Unconscious breathing, without masks, distancing, disinfecting, and medicines, can deprive you — and others — of the gift of breath. We are all learning through this process — which continues on into 2022 without letup — how interconnected we are at both the local and global level.

Alone or Lonely? Important Choices Are Front and Center

Those of us who look for deeper meaning notice that pandemic-enforced privacy and alone time can either seem like a frightening void or a comforting spaciousness, full of potential. The time to ourselves can bring insights into how we’ve been living, what’s behind our choices, what we’ve been irrationally afraid to face, and what potential lies waiting for the chance to express fully. Much of this has been suppressed in our subconscious, below the level of noticeability. The insights can be like flashing lights that signal: Take care of this! Something needs to be done. This is no longer viable. This is in your way. More is possible! They can guide us to a better reality and reveal the connection to something bigger, to a greater sense of belonging. Or they can act as ego-threatening criticisms that the left brain wants to ignore or push back down into the deep subconscious. You can feel alone (all one) or lonely (only one).

One basic choice is primary for everyone this year. WHAT KIND OF PERSON SHALL I BE? Will I support or harm others? Will I be selfish and destructive in my egotism, or caring and life-giving in my attentiveness? Will I resist change — and transformation — and stubbornly try to perpetuate and defend the “old-familiar-comfortable-habitual”? Or will I open myself to the surprise of what can happen when I have a relationship with the unknown (or temporarily forgotten) part of myself? Will I block my own creativity or embrace and embody my confidence and capability? Your choice is your reality.

New Projects Begin, Stall, and Begin Again

In 2021 many people were energized about beginning new projects and creations based on the expanded sense of self they intuited was about to become real. They were hot to trot and ready to go! And yet, for many people the momentum was interrupted by unexpected, dramatic experiences. For some it was a major move and/or change of job, or not going back to work and becoming an entrepreneur instead. For others it was marriage, divorce, illness, or the death of a loved one. A situation that felt perfect turned out to hold a painful lesson that was the last gasp of old sacrificial or limitation thinking. These experiences were part of the clearing process that began in 2020. Cleaning out closets and the garage led to a greater need to know true spaciousness. By being ushered into realities that forced us to think more open-mindedly, we saw that 1) perhaps our excitement was premature and our idea needed more refinement, and 2) openness doesn’t equate with loss — it’s the magnet for just-right possibilities.

Some of what came after our dramatic clearings — just when we thought we’d shoot forward — was that sense of time evaporating. “I’m not doing as much as I thought I would!” Many shoulds surfaced along with internal pressure and self-criticism. We needed a break, to remain in liminal space a bit longer — even though we fought it. Our minds and hearts did not want to go back into old ways of doing things, like using too much willpower and left brain prowess to “think things into being.” We rebelled against our own internalized authoritarian voice. We oscillated between forcing ourselves to act, then realizing we didn’t really want to — yet. “There must be a less effortful way where I can feel more joy in what I do and be successful!” This prompted us — and it will all through 2022 — to consciously choose a better reality. This year our creative Vision will clarify and drop into form, step and step, moment by moment, without being forced. Things are beginning to move and unfold toward that new, mysterious expanded scope.

Taking Talent and Capacity to a Higher Level

As I myself was coming out of the period of “waiting” last year, after experiencing the sudden death of a much-loved family member, then months that felt like embroilment in the 3D world of bureaucracy and mundane tasks, and an irritating distraction from my spiritual, creative work — I woke early in the dark one morning with a voice that said, “Ask more of yourself.” It has stuck with me. Who is the me who asks? Who is the me who accommodates? Ahhh, then I got it: the two me’s are working together! What would I like more of? What would I like that I’ve never thought I could do? What would I like that I’ve never even thought of? The reason to ask more of yourself is because you can have it!

After the “voice,” I remembered a vivid moment when I was eight years old; I felt my reality clearly. Did I try to become who I am now and do all the things I’ve done? No. I didn’t know it was there to do or that I could do it. It was all encoded in my field, ready to unfold in right timing. My enthusiastic, innocent, curious self, the one who followed her nose, is my same self now. When a new just-right idea or opportunity occurred, she chose it and most often learned as she did things. Enthusiasm, not will power, is what took me forward — I asked for whatever presented itself with that particular intriguing vibe. It’s this that will take us to our greater capacity, increased talent, development of latent abilities, expanded scope, and stabilized joy. Asking more of our self seems strongly connected to imagination. Play with ideas! Feel into some different realities! Imagine you can do things you haven’t tried yet.

2022 will continue the process of developing transparency in individuals and organizations. We are stepping into paths of conscious destiny and purpose, knowing more about what we as souls want to do, without ego. In fact, we will notice things we think we know about — like ageism, racism, and sexism — that are really subtle forms of ego and how they block the flow of inspired creation and cocreation with others.

Rapidity, Conscious Embodiment, Can Do

2022 will see an emphasis on greater embodiment and identifying the personal self with the soul consciousness, which resonates with spiritual truth and collective awareness. We’ll see more examples of instantaneous healing and revelations of the spiritual realms. The clearing of “clutter” will occur rapidly where there is a mind to understand it and the quick materializing of thought will be more prevalent. People will begin to know their bodies as their own creation, as their own precious child, as a being that can become scared when abandoned or mistreated, or healed when loved unconditionally. We will make it a priority to heal and create our body as a clear, trusting vehicle to translate the soul’s spiritual motives into forms that contribute to joy, love, and wisdom on Earth.

The anxiousness for new projects we had last year will be replaced by real, steady progress. We will feel confident about things we’ve never done before, sensing, “Even though I may not know everything, I think I can do it and I want to try.” We’ll have greater faith that “creation has its own path thru me — and through you.” Can’t Do will become a thing of the past. For that reason I sense 2022 will bring solutions to many long-term problems — with new inventions, methodologies, and global collaborations. 2022 will also bring dramatic shifts in direction. A lawyer may decide to farm healthy ancient grains. A nurse may invent a new medical device and start her own business. A company that has manufactured boxes may morph into a consulting firm for Robotic Process Automation. New and different realities are just an imagination away!


As I’ve said, part of what stalls and distracts us is the arising of long-suppressed fears from the subconscious mind. When we cooperate with the process of Acceleration — the ever-increasing frequency of the planet — we take time to notice, be with, and understand the causes of resistances and fixed beliefs and how to dissolve them. Many of us have been working on this for years, yet others who have been entirely focused in the physical world and on survival, who are now vibrating at a higher frequency (with the rest of us), are initially awakening into what metaphysics calls the “astral plane” or the lower emotional realm that is rife with fear-based chaos, attack and defend behaviors, oppression, aggression, victimization, and above all, the worldview of polarization.

The lower emotional realm is an energetic zone slightly higher in frequency than the physical world. As we include this into our reality, we become conscious of what’s been suppressed personally and collectively. Without examining the cause of the fears, and without the mechanisms for clearing them, people connect with low-frequency ideas, think they’re real, and identify with them. Identifying with ideas based on a need for safety and control is a left-brain function — and in time it creates ego. When those ideas (now part of one’s “self”) are threatened, the left brain/ego jumps in to protect itself by taking stances of power, invulnerability, cleverness, trickery, domination, and superiority — and projecting the very things it fears onto “the other.” The “other” is always wrong, dangerous, crazy, or ignorant. This is why we see increasing opposition, hatred, and bids for domination worldwide — and in 2022 this will increase as the Acceleration continues.

This is also a major reason we see the surfacing of conspiracy theories with outrageous ideas like cannibalism, satanic pedophiles, human trafficking, cabals controlling politics and Hollywood, dictatorial messiahs, and dead celebrities who will return to save us. Eventually, of course, as the world’s frequency rises, these ideas will seem more ridiculous and shameful than they do now and it will take a major effort to hold the beliefs as real.

The Need for Release

The Acceleration will create breakthroughs in innovation and healing wherever the energy is allowed free flow, yet concurrently there will be a buildup of contracted and fixated energy, thought, and emotion that will need release. We’ll see various forms of the release of tension and frustration. In the physical world I sense there will be an increase in volcanic activity (I’ve mentioned this in previous oracle letters), large destructive storms that impact cities, droughts and flooding where they never occurred before, the loss of island cultures, and the extinction of some animal and plant species.

In the human world, we’ll see an increase in violence, hate crimes, mindless destruction, domination, threats of war, localized rebellions, and many more protest events. Will we have a second American Revolution or Civil War? I doubt it will go that far. But domestic crime will increase, police will struggle, vigilante groups with various motives will proliferate until a greater sanity — or authoritarian regulating force — takes over. Perhaps martial law will be declared temporarily. Dictatorial leaders will rise to power but not last long as they’ll be challenged and overcome by populist movements. It will be important that young people speak up for what they believe and overcome their fear of being trashed by each other on social media. The idea of talking to each other face to face, in real life, in like-minded groups — heroically, about values — will become popular.

All this is the individual and collective ego feeling threatened and refusing to go through ego death — in which ego becomes the servant to the soul and the implementer rather than the boss. This materializes as the need to control reality and keep things the way they were by any means possible. My way or the highway! When that doesn’t work, people, like all animals, will attack or avoid. Fight, flight, freeze, please. Power-full or power-less. And yet, without natural harmonious flow, Evolution may be temporarily stymied but it will break through contractions and blockages in ingenious ways. It will not be stopped. We must stabilize ourselves in the felt sense and principles of the spiritual realms, what I’ve called our “home frequency.”

The Evolution of Polarity

The fixation on opposition can’t go on forever. Living in an emotional field of hatred, unfairness, disrespect, criticism, judgmentalism, and being offended, angry, and destructive eventually affects your health. A closed heart, chronic overheated emotions, and contracted perception lead to stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses, as well as accidents and even suicide. One of the truths about the way Spirit works is that everything is connected. This is a big lesson for 2022. The way you treat others is the way the world treats you and the way you treat yourself. So those looking for ways to punish others, or who commit acts of violence, do similar damage to themselves. The world will obey that set of instructions (the beliefs you hold and state as truth), and eventually some sort of damage or debilitation will find your own front door. On the other hand, luck and provision can just as easily come to you without force or willpower.

When two rubber bands are tied together and each is stretched to the farthest point, either the rubber bands break or the tension can be released and they snap back to their common center. Compare that to a figure eight where the flow is enabled to make a turn when it reaches the outermost point. There is no tension, just continuous movement: out to the point where things seem separate then a turn and back to the center where there is the perception of unity once again, then back out and back in. Easy flow. We can enjoy the fact that we have diversity — it helps us grow and it’s entertaining. And we can take solace in the experience of also having commonality and oneness — which reminds us that we are made of love. Both-and, not either-or. No need for control — the Flow knows what it’s doing.

Only two points of view produces a reality of separation and opposition — unless the tie is broken by adding one or more viewpoints to “round out” the energy dynamic. Noting the extremism in the world today, it’s hard not to see the coming political power plays and tendencies for warlike behavior. How might extra polarity-breaking positions be added? One scenario is that existing political parties may split and form new parties. Another independent party that appeals to a bipartisan group may form. Or, the power of the dominating party leaders might pale — perhaps through loss of reputation or poor health. With the fading of a leader’s personal power, a number of other contenders for leadership would flood in, vying for position, weakening the party’s cohesion. Or, there might be a situation bigger than both sides that serves to unite them in a higher cause, much as September 11th united so many around the world. We’ll wait to see how the energy of Evolution finds its path through this mess — but with the Acceleration continuing, these sorts of clashes cannot be maintained for long.

Positively Speaking

It’s an important time, these several years. Old ways and old perception are dissolving and becoming dysfunctional, but their adherents are still fighting to stay in control. Simultaneously, new ways and a new perception are being born. Along with this birth comes important innovation, the collaboration of diverse groups and nations, greater individual rights and living conditions, and a much more holistic perception, one that integrates left and right brain, body, and even the field of energy around us as kinds of mind. It’s like a changing of the guard — the old way is slowly transferring power to the new way — though now they exist separately, side by side. For a while longer, we’ll continue to see both negative news and great breakthroughs and innovations at the same time.

We must remain in our soul-as-self identity/frequency and expand our field of energy, including more — and let others feel it, walk through it, and learn from the energy itself. Stay out of polarization. Stay out of complaining. Stay out of past and future — everything you need is in the present moment with you! What wants to come through you? Be a transparent, clean vehicle for positive, contributory works! 2022 will point out the bifurcation of realities strongly, and will also reveal glimpses of actual transformation (not just change) as more people experience unity. The word/phrase for the year is ENERGY CONVERSION. Remember: The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to another. It truly is a time of new beginnings.

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