Penney Peirce’s 2021 Oracle Letter

Penney Peirce
11 min readJan 3, 2021

So many people I talk to are wiping the sweat from their brow concerning the end — finally — to the most difficult year they’ve probably experienced in their whole life. In the physical world we lost loved ones, jobs, income, homes, businesses, and opportunities. Our health was under constant threat. It’s ironic that what materialized in our physical reality was so constrained and tight yet was counterbalanced by immense growth internally. We had a chance to stop being so distracted and fragmented by hyper-activity and unconscious habits so we could look at what we’d become used to as reality. Did we want that old pattern back again?

I felt at the beginning of 2020 that the year would be hugely expansive, that I would “increase the scope of my life”. . . Yet my many travel plans cancelled in the first few months. What soon became apparent was that the expansion would be a quiet thing, deep and personal, and a steady and non-willpower-directed clearing began to occur.

My personal story was no longer important to me, and yet I saw the inner reason and meaning for many of my past experiences — and could appreciate the wisdom of it all. These moments bubbled up when I least expected them along with the deeper understanding. My ambition softened and I began to trust the Flow in a much greater way to bring whatever was needed. And that included snags as well as insights and motives. I soon began to notice that my aura seemed “empty,” as though I were no longer holding “pictures” or memories around me like a cape. And, ironically again, the experience of supposed nothingness allowed much more effortless materialization of things that were highly accurate and appropriate. That process of becoming more transparent continues.

The Turning of the Year

I had another odd experience. I didn’t want to get out all the Christmas décor this year; I explained this to myself by saying, “Hey, it seems like I just put it all away about a month ago! I’ll just remember what it was like!” I did celebrate with a few other Covid-free people but was not much engaged. I was in a flow, watching and yes, appreciating. As New Year’s Eve approached, I could have cared less. “What are these marker points?” I asked myself. “One day slips to the next. The boxes we create and call a year, a month, a week, a day, an hour. . .without our mental overlays it’s all one beautiful stream of experience morphing to new experience and then to more new experience and no experience actually ends; there is always the narrowing and widening of the bottle’s neck but never a cut-off point — ever.” So I experimented with having no beginning and no end. Let my left brain have a rest from all its definitions. And it’s been smooth, this feeling of the continuum. Covid is not over. Problems are not finished. We’re so midstream! Inside, though, we’re still who we are. Life is somehow working, even if we don’t totally understand the higher strategy yet.

But Why Covid?

I think it’s important for us to understand the deeper function of our Covid experience. From the higher realms, there is a need for humanity’s vibration to upgrade and match the increasing frequency on the planet. The virus has created a global consciousness (as nothing else could) and united us in a single endeavor and purpose. Sure, nations and companies are still competing against each other but the higher purpose is for the health of the world. To conquer this mutating invader we all must work together; we need many vaccines from many sources and collaboration among nations. The other part of Covid’s function is as I mentioned before — it has caused us to question our unconscious habits, the level of our creativity and imagination to reinvent our realities, and to ask ourselves “What do we really want? What’s really important? Is it only survival, or is it quality of life — not just for me, but for others as well? Shall I remain in fear and skepticism, or contribute to raising the vibration?”

Clearing Dominator-Victim Patterns

We have also been dealing with a serious level of polarization — in ourselves, our relationships, our politics, and our international relations. As many people lost loved ones, money, and security, others flourished in the stock market. A huge number of new billionaires were created. Neither side valued the other. We saw an extreme level of ego materialize in corporations and politics and an extreme level of people feeling victimized in the rest of the world. This was, oddly, part of the raising of vibration on the planet.

For the frequency of humanity’s consciousness to increase, the low-vibration, fear-based beliefs and experiences we have stored in our personal and collective subconscious mind must be cleared. Fear has created the polarization we are experiencing. It brings out dominator and victim behaviors, neither of which is functional in a high-frequency reality. We saw politicians around the world acting as narcissistic dictators while their frightened followers toed the line mindlessly, often acting against their own morality due to the need for validation or greed for power. Why? We had to become conscious of the undercurrent that’s been driving the world’s dysfunctional behavior for so many millenia. We had to have it impact us like a pie in the face.

Narcissistic, ego-based, dominating leaders are motivated by a deep fear of rejection, failure, and annihilation; they can’t allow themselves to feel weak or out of control. To fuel the illusion that they are superior and untouchable, they feed off similar fears in others. Their followers want a parental figure who will do things they’re afraid to do. They want to be validated for their hidden dominator selves (which they see as inner strength), so are vehemently loyal to their chosen “savior.” The flip side of every victim is a suppressed dominator and under every dominator is a suppressed victim. Allowing these patterns to surface and be spotlighted is the first step to clearing them and replacing them with functional behavior that matches the new Intuition Age vibration. You can’t change what you can’t see.

So 2020 was like a giant roto-rootering and shaking up of our collective bad habits of feeling and thought. What’s next? Making sense of why this is happening, facing our unconscious mistakes and choices, forgiving ourselves, letting go of what doesn’t work, and beginning to imagine anew what life can be like. This is what 2021 will be about — Getting On with It! But remember: it’s all one process with no dividing line; maybe we should call it 20202021.

A Time of Fresh Air and Innovation

I tuned in to the energy and inner function of this year and the word I got is REBIRTH. We are at a powerful turning point, at the bottom of the trough of the sine wave, just starting on the path back up, or perhaps the image is more like being contained in a bubble that pops and reveals a huge new shining reality — and we’re floating without containment, with lots of freedom and possibility. Astrologers say we’ve been through a cycle governed largely by Capricorn — which is about bringing attention to our power structures and the very foundations of our reality. Many of the old structures that were agreed upon — like how children should learn, how minorities are treated, how medicine must function, what money looks like, or how stable the United States constitution is — are in need of profound re-visioning. Much of the old is being seen as dysfunctional and outmoded now. Old structures are breaking down. We must make space for new thinking and a higher level of creativity based on broader understanding of the role spirit, or the nonphysical realm, plays in our world.

Astrologers also say we are beginning the true Age of Aquarius, which will usher in much-needed innovation and fresh air. I’ve been saying in my oracle letters for many years that a time a great innovation would soon occur, and now’s the time. What’s truly old and literally

mis-fitting will be eclipsed in this coming year and for some time to come. Aquarius is associated with the planet Uranus, known for its electrical nature and ability to precipitate sudden revolutionary change. What has been snagged will now be released to move forward and shift its form as need be. New solutions to world problems will drop into place much more easily and quickly. It will be exciting, invigorating, and it will create jobs, and new categories of jobs. At the same time, we may see some dramatic rebalancing of government, corporate structures, and our financial picture.

The Collective and the Personal Work Together

When a sign like Aquarius takes the lead, its opposite sign — Leo — is also emphasized because the two signs are aspects of the same core idea. Aquarius deals with an aspect of collective consciousness, humanitarian work, and collaboration for the good of ALL. Yet all that grand, large-scale work could not be accomplished without the focus on being an honest and authentic individual — which Leo provides. After all, it is the individual who accesses insight and creative ideas and it takes a variety of points of view to create something comprehensive. Leo is far from being a selfish, self-centered influence; it is the very essence of its ruling planet, the Sun. It is love expressed in a personal way and it is radiant. Aquarius is love expressed through the collective consciousness and group mind, and it too is radiant.

So when the two forces complement each other and work together, we will see individuals collaborating with others who are on their wavelength, to do projects and create new inventions and systems that will help the world. I’ve described this in previous oracle letters, calling it The Convening. It’s a phenomenon that occurs when you have stabilized your energy field at your home frequency level — or the soul-in-the-body state. Then, magically, people emerge from your field who match your vibration. They each have a piece of a puzzle that wants to fit together, and the higher vision is revealed through open-minded, non-egoic group communication and mutually supported action. I think as this occurs, we’ll find a new understanding of that old, negatively charged word: “socialism.” Working together in these more enlightened groups is a kind of social consciousness, but unlike socialism, it doesn’t deny the importance of the developed, respected, respectful individual who is authentic, smart-in-their-own-way, and generous.

Movements Evolve

This year, watch for the movements that began in previous years, like Me Too!, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ and other minority group rights — to stabilize and make much progress without having to fight so hard. The anger in many of these movements will soften and dissipate, freeing people to do the creative work they were born to do. Also watch for the convening-type collaborations that may rise up spontaneously online, almost like pop-up stores and venues. People will work together because they love working with like-minded others — who respect themselves and their co-creators — and when the project finishes, they’ll connect with other people to do other projects. People who belong strongly to a certain group will likely migrate to other more dissimilar groups for a sort of cross-pollination that will be highly creative. Motivation here is not about profit in terms of money as much as it is for the joy of creating — together — something that helps others and the planet. And, money does tend to freely bubble up around positive energy. ;-)

Just as rebellion and the need for recognition for themselves and their cause begins to dissolve from the movements I mentioned above, so will it tend to dissolve from the more militant and violent groups who are so vehement, angry, and frustrated now. The amount of adrenaline running through all the angry people, no matter what group they identify with, will start to take its toll on people’s family life, health, and hearts. There will be burnout. Some will rethink things and turn attention to productivity and contributing something positive to the world.

Stand Up and Begin Your Real Life Work!

This year is the year to really start your life. I know you’ve already been doing your life and have been on purpose — everything you’ve done has helped you grow, develop your abilities, see what doesn’t work, and hone your awareness of what you really want to do. It’s as though, this year your life purpose reaches a tone of truth and aligns with its source like a lightning rod. You will experience much greater clarity and connection with the vast wisdom of the nonphysical worlds. Messages will pop into your mind, you’ll feel your soulgroup as real, you’ll have important visions and dreams, and will correct your path whenever you step off in the wrong direction. Your intuition will guide you and you’ll trust it more, and more, and more. What you place your attention on will give you guidance. If you let yourself be distracted, you’ll have no reliable, accurate guidance and this will be very demonstrable with immediate repercussions. You’ll also become aware of talents and abilities that wish to surface and become an active part of your life — things you may have previously set aside “until later.”

And, the Year is About Love and Freedom

Running throughout everything this year will be greater opportunities to be the love, play in the love, receive the love more fully from others, and give the love more freely. It’s about the recognition of the harmless nature of love. That may sound illogical, but I see so many people, myself included, who fear that too much love will reduce their freedom, or blind them to the truth, or prevent them from achieving what they think they “should” achieve. That it will make them too vulnerable. And we miss the opportunities offered to us by others who truly love and appreciate us — who see the truth of our value, perhaps more than we ourselves do.

This year we’ll notice how we withhold love from those we have resentful or vengeful thoughts about — and we’ll decide to stop that behavior. We’ll see how the people who seem to withhold love from us are merely echoing the way we withhold love or don’t allow love to reach us at our core. We’ll notice how people who are extremely loving make us uncomfortable and how our left brain wants to doubt or cheapen them. Or, how we want to affix ourselves to them permanently to feel that love is real. Hopefully, we’ll drop all these defensive stances and be welcoming-with-open-arms. We’ll learn to be relaxed with love.

2021 is a year of freedom and greater fluidity, the stabilization of disruptive waves, the rise of feminine wisdom (whether it comes from women or men), an increase in charitable giving led by the enlightened uber-wealthy, and the instigation and incubation of many international collaborations that will benefit, not the dictators of countries and companies, but all the people. Though we still have work to do to clear Covid, when it’s finished we will all be clear — transparent, really — in a way we may never have imagined was possible.

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