Hurting Others with Energy: Part 2

We Are All Becoming Sensitive, Empathic, and Telepathic

Because the world is accelerating, we’re becoming ultrasensitive, which means we’re building more skill with reading energy patterns, deciphering preverbal telepathic communication, and feeling more of what’s going on under the surface. We can practically read each other’s minds and bodies now. If someone is judging me, for example — no words spoken — I may immediately feel unwanted or unloved without quite knowing why. It can take awhile to realize what happened and return to my own deeply comfortable home frequency or preferred state.

Wet-Blanket Overlays

Another subtle way we hurt each other with energy has to do with projecting thoughts, feelings, needs, and whole realities onto others. “You’re great because you fulfill my needs. You complete me.” We used to glorify the kind of love where we needed each other, but now we see it as codependence that doesn’t allow either person the freedom to evolve without setting off the wound of the other. If your friends or partners aren’t happy for you when you grow to become more of yourself, this is a new sort of pain. When someone has expectations of you (you’ll follow in your father’s footsteps, right?), or pity for you (What a shame you failed the bar exam; maybe you’re not cut out to be a lawyer), or even great envious admiration for you (You’re much more talented than any of us!), this projected attention-with-an-agenda can handicap your consciousness like a wet blanket thrown over your head. You first must see through the projection, then separate yourself gracefully and compassionately, give their energy back to them, and help them understand that only they can provide themselves with the experience they need.

Working with the Inner Blueprint

Whenever you make an agreement, you create an inner energy blueprint that begins to shape an external reality. As soon as an inner blueprint is set, defined, and agreed upon, the energy tries to materialize. So when you say you’re going to do something, then don’t follow through, the energy that started flowing toward the goal dams up and stops partway there. Jammed up energy always feels painful.



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Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce


Penney Peirce is a respected clairvoyant empath, counselor, lecturer/trainer & author of 10 books. Her main topics are intuition, perception & transformation.