A Time of Waves: Toward an Enlightened Emotional Body

Penney Peirce
8 min readNov 14, 2020


by Penney Peirce

It wasn’t too many years ago that the news was full of waves. In 2004, tsunami water walls in the Indian Ocean crashed over beaches, hotels, and villages, sweeping people away to the depths. In the mountains here, avalanches of snow and mud cascaded down to bury people. These are among most fearsome of our collective dream images, coming alive in technicolor, and they certainly triggered various subconscious fears. Many who weren’t directly involved in the catastrophes, had their own private tsunamis. Brian and Diane’s pipes burst and flooded their house. Henry was involved in a three-car pileup and had half a dozen friends who were suddenly incapacitated with serious illnesses. Ashok experienced waves of a mysterious anxiety that kept him awake at night.

Today, we are still experiencing waves — of heightening energy and consciousness. These waves have activated the swelling passions of the Me Too, Black Lives Matter, and LGBTQ movements, as well as the rise of many conspiracy theories. We’ve also been overtaken by another great wave — the global Covid 19 pandemic. This wave is as debilitating and deadly as if we’d been swept to sea or buried under snow or mud. The waves are putting us in touch with deep emotion. Parts of our totality that have been long buried are being dredged up. We’re being asked to go inside and be quiet so we can understand that fear is not the real reality, and to integrate the noble, neglected, gifted parts of ourselves.

We are also being affected by subtle waves of energy that impact us daily, even hourly. These waves bring intuitive insights and nudges, the urge to change our habits, to be more creative, or to truly rest. It’s like they are rolling through the air, and through our bodies, repeatedly, like waves at the beach rush ashore, soak into the sand, retract, then regain force and roll in again, and again. We are forced to constantly adapt to the higher and higher frequencies of energy that they bring. They require surrender and cooperation. If we resist flowing with them, we’re left with increasing fear and even pain.

And yet, are we going with the waves, riding them, discovering what they’re showing us? Are we letting ourselves feel? We are being taught to look for and understand the hidden compassionate motives of the flow, to penetrate more closely into what each wave directs us to know.

Merging with the Waves

As I look intuitively at what this ongoing Time of Waves means, if I go into the waves and become them, I learn to move in the world based on spontaneous obedience to “The Flow.” I understand how to function with fluidity, to surrender all that is too fixed in my nature, to soften my mind when it holds me too tightly in one position, and to fall into a state of trust in my ability as a soul to achieve my desires and destiny.

I almost forget, because I am distracted by the power of the waves themselves, to notice that the waves are caused by something else, and that I might also go into and become the experience of the Cause of Waves. Years ago when the earth shook dramatically in the Indian Ocean, releasing so much pent-up holding, creating that wall of water, the earth also shuddered in the Utah mountains, and on the California seaside cliffs. The energy waves even reached Virginia, where they broke the underground walls of a well. In 2011, when Japan experienced a 9.0 level earthquake, it created a ripple effect that made water table levels from Orlando to the Florida Keys rise and fall up to three inches.

It brings home to us the reality that everything in our physical world is intricately interconnected and there are wave-paths everywhere, running through every person and thing, through every leyline in the earth, where energy takes the shortest route to its release points. What’s behind the waves is life’s eternal need to evolve — and that evolution of energy and consciousness cannot tolerate stuckness. The earth is maintaining its freedom to flow and grow the same way we humans, as a collective consciousness, are. Waves clear contractions.

So just as the earth shudders, we too experience subtle and dramatic shudders, places in our bodies and personalities where we can’t stand things staying the way they’ve been for years. Habits and old comfort zones indicate places in us where we need release and fluidity. Whether we realize it or not, we need to make space for fresh energy to flow, to ease our movement into new kinds of perception and experiences. We need not fear the suddenness of these shifts, but should welcome them for the relief of tension they bring. As we shake and the stuck energy turns fluid, we need to remember that brand new energy from the soul is simultaneously flooding us, replacing the old, stretching us to new capabilities.

As Empaths, We Trust the Waves, Love the Waves

Part of our evolution is increasing sensitivity to subtle nonphysical things. We now notice energy, vibration, and the frequency of people, objects, and ideas. We are learning to embrace this new kind of preverbal data, or energy information, and to decode it consciously. As we become more skilled at this, and ultra-sensitivity and empathic knowing become part of the new normal, we place a high value on being fluid, open, and able to register any pattern the universe is showing us. We know not to stop the flow inside ourselves by grasping, clenching, or defining too strictly. If we do, we miss the next important thing.

Empaths trust what registers on the body and in the field of the feelings, and do not translate the impressions into permanent meanings. An empath is not a captive of emotion, but a bridge between the earth, the human kingdom, and the realm of soul — using the feeling body as a wondrous sensory organ capable of instantly comprehending high-frequency complex patterns and translating them into form. We’re discovering the gift of enlightened emotion.

As you learn to trust your empathic nature, and that of others, you realize it takes much less will power to function in the world, largely because everyone is so naturally telepathic and interconnected in a mutually cocreative way. If we don’t cooperate with the flow these days, we will likely die. If we do cooperate, life will transform into something quite joyous.

Working Personally with the Waves

In a meditation I was shown a giant tree and inside its huge, wide trunk was a vast open space filled with a field a purifying — and calming — “fire.” I was to step inside and when a new wave touched my mind and created either an insight or a fear, then tried to fit that into my old reality constructs, I was to toss it, along with any outmoded world view, into the field of fire — instead of “holding it.” It was important to remain fully present, keep my vertical alignment with heaven and earth, and let meanings pass through. When voices in my head started arguing, complaining, or “figuring out,” I was to throw them into the fire, too. Stay with what’s truly real, with what’s vibrating at the highest frequency. As I imagined doing this, I saw that I could no longer think my way to philosophical comfort concerning the deaths of some friends or the loss of an important opportunity. I didn’t need to; all was hamoniously in the flow. The important thing was presence, fluidity, and nonattachment.

This vision helped me reinvent myself. I wasn’t trying to find a new definition for myself, but by releasing everything tight and brittle surrounding me, and trusting the purifying light of that fire, I found an unusual spaciousness and clarity. I also found a scream, a vibration of pain and helplessness I had never wanted to feel directly. I kept releasing the resistance into the purifying fire. The silent scream became more intense, and it finally burst from me physically in an innocuous moment, in successive waves, as I drove down the freeway. The sound was blood-curdling and reached, it seemed, through all time and space, breaking everything brittle it touched. Here was the cause-place of my own tsunami, and I flowed out with it, banging against the stubbornness and fixed objects in my mind, giving every sad, chaotic, or contracted thought to the field of fire. Deep causes of confounding pain evaporated in the fire without needing to be understood. A false life pattern I’d lived within for years surfaced, became a ghost, and dissolved.

To stop the flow with my mind, by describing it, was actually painful. I wanted the mental order, like an addiction to heroin, but I wanted the new open territory more. Afterward, I practiced allowing myself to seem crazy to those who knew me, allowed nonproductivity, allowed myself to not talk — I’d lost my voice from screaming anyway. In the blankness that followed the release, I felt stunned. And a new kind of peace took over. Here was a white canvas, waiting and ready.

Four Things You Can Do Now

Here are some things you can do to go with the flow in this Time of Waves:

  1. Notice when you’re feeding your fixed beliefs and concepts. Are you upset because others don’t agree with you? Are you struggling to stay in control and be right? Do you need to have answers and definition? Try saying to yourself: “Maybe I don’t know everything about this. I could pay attention a few moments longer and see if my understanding shifts. If I added this person’s perspective to my own, how might my understanding change?”
  2. Recenter often into a “soft-mind” state, where you release the need to know in any particular way or time period. Throw whatever you’re thinking about into the “field of fire” and let it dissolve. Be in the peace of simply BEING in the clear space. Then allow a new thought to emerge from the field of fire; it will come more from your soul, not from your will-based egomind.
  3. Imagine that your whole body is your brain. Imagine you, as the body, are tuning in to what’s going on around you, both near and far, in the moment. Notice you can feel through matter. Pretend you are as sensitive as a deer in the woods. What are you, the body, aware of right now? What do you need to know to take your next action?
  4. Shift from your logical, habit-hypnotized, goal-oriented mind into the most real, honest sensations and feelings you have. What’s vibrating inside you that feels most alive? Does it create an emotion or subtle state of being? What’s your wordless reality? Attune to this and let your awareness be saturated with this frequency. Allow yourself to act directly from this place.

Right now you can focus on learning to live without too much limiting external structure. In this Time of Waves we must understand how to live easily, without strain, from the universal harmonious laws that inhere in our nature and bodies. Wherever you think you have to, let that be a reminder to invite a consciousness and energy wave to pass through. Even if you’re sequestered due to the pandemic, and your freedom seems limited, you’re in the flow. It’s what you need. You can trust that something greater — a divine collective wisdom-wave — is moving you into the exact experiences you need for your most rapid, and efficiently elegant, spiritual growth.




Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce is a respected clairvoyant empath, counselor, lecturer/trainer & author of 10 books. Her main topics are intuition, perception & transformation.